Anand Ranganathan Wiki, Family, Net Worth, Education, Books, and More

Delving into the life and accomplishments of Anand Ranganathan unveils a remarkable journey marked by his contributions as a scientist, author, and media personality. Widely recognized for his insightful viewpoints in political television debates, Ranganathan has garnered a substantial following. This article uncovers the facets of Anand Ranganathan’s life, encompassing his education, literary works, family background, and a peek into his notable achievements. Through a lens of simplicity and authenticity, we explore his path from academic excellence to a diverse and impactful career that spans science, media, and literature.

Dr. Anand Ranganathan Wiki

Full Name:  Anand Ranganathan
Father Name:  Subramania Ranganathan
Mother Name: Darshan Ranganathan
Profession(s):  Scientist, Author, and Media personality
Date of Birth:  1972
Age:  51 years old
Birthplace: Tamil Nadu
College:  St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and Pembroke College, Cambridge
Educational Qualification: Scientist
Marital Status:  Married
Wife:  Sheetal Ranganathan
Net Worth:  Not Known
Salary:  Not Known
Mother Tongue Tamil
Nationality:  Indian
Social Media:  Twitter,

Who is Anand Ranganathan?

Anand Ranganathan is a renowned Indian chemist, educator, author, and television personality known for his logical perspectives in political debates. Born in 1972 in Tamil Nadu, he has an impressive educational background, having studied at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and Pembroke College, Cambridge. An advocate of right-wing ideology, Ranganathan’s influence extends to his roles as a scientist and prolific writer, with novels like “Wilted Rose,” “Love & Honour,” and a notable non-fiction work, “Hindus in Hindu Rashtra.”

Anand Ranganathan Education

Anand Ranganathan’s educational journey reflects his commitment to academic excellence. He completed his BSc from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, in 1992. A recipient of the prestigious Nehru Centenary Scholarship, he pursued further studies at Pembroke College, Cambridge. There, he earned his BA (Tripos) in Natural Sciences, followed by MA and PhD degrees. This well-rounded education has equipped him to excel not only as a scientist but also as a prominent figure in the media landscape, where his logical viewpoints in political debates have garnered attention and respect.

Anand Ranganathan Family

Anand Ranganathan Wife
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Anand Ranganathan’s family background underscores his deep connection to the world of science. Born to scientist parents, Subramania Ranganathan and Darshan Ranganathan, his upbringing was influenced by their contributions to bio-organic and organic chemistry. His father Subrbokamania Ranganathan, a distinguished professor, headed the chemistry department at IIT Kanpur, while his mother Darshan Ranganathan made notable strides in the field of organic chemistry. This lineage of scientific excellence has undoubtedly shaped Anand Ranganathan’s academic and professional pursuits, driving him to become a respected chemist, educator, and media personality.

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Anand Ranganathan Career

Anand Ranganathan’s career trajectory is a testament to his dedication and impact in the scientific realm. Following his education, he returned to India and became associated with the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Delhi. 

For 16 years, he led his research laboratory as a Staff Research Scientist. His journey continued at Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Special Center for Molecular Medicine in 2015, where he later achieved the rank of full professor in 2019. His specialized focus on Directed Evolution and pathogenesis, with an emphasis on diseases like Malaria and TB, highlights his commitment to addressing critical health challenges. Simultaneously, Ranganathan’s active involvement in media, with his participation in debates on politics and science, showcases his multidimensional impact in both academia and the public sphere. 

Furthermore, his numerous peer-reviewed articles, authored books, and columns for esteemed publications underscore his diverse contributions to various fields.

Anand Ranganathan Books

Anand Ranganathan’s literary prowess shines through his compelling books that encompass a wide range of themes. Notably, he has authored four novels, including “Wilted Rose,” “Love & Honour,” “Rat Eater,” and “Souffle.” In addition to his fiction works, Ranganathan’s impactful non-fiction book, “Hindus in Hindu Rashtra: Eighth-class Citizens and Victims of State-sanctioned Apartheid,” delves into significant social issues. With an upcoming book dedicated to India’s forgotten scientists, Ranganathan continues to explore and share his insights through the written word.

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Anand Ranganathan Awards/Recognitions

Anand Ranganathan’s notable contributions have earned him a series of prestigious awards and recognitions. His academic journey was adorned with the Cambridge Nehru Centenary fellowship and the Pembroke College Cambridge Scholarship. His dedication to science was further acknowledged with the Young Scientist Medal of the UDCT and the Indian National Science Academy. In 2012, his remarkable achievements earned him the title of a Young Scientist at the World Economic Forum for the new champions. These accolades stand as a testament to Ranganathan’s impactful work in the scientific and academic spheres.


Is Anand associated with any political party?

No, Anand Ranganathan has not been associated with any political party.

What is the net worth of Anand Ranganathan?

Information regarding Anand Ranganathan’s net worth is not available.

Does Anand Ranganathan have an Instagram page?

There is no Instagram account for Anand Ranganathan, but he does have an Instagram Fan Page.

What is Anand’s Twitter account?

Anand Ranganathan is active on Twitter with the username @ARanganathan72.

What is the mother tongue of Anand Ranganathan?

Anand Ranganathan’s mother tongue is Tamil.

Who is Anand Ranganathan’s wife?

Anand Ranganathan’s wife is Sheetal Ranganathan.

What is the education of Anand’s wife Sheetal?

Sheetal Ranganathan pursued her graduation from AIIMS and XIM.

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